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Tag: memphis herb society


An Invitation to Join the Memphis Herb Society!

  • We welcome all new members, with or without a knowledge of herbs and gardening, who are interested in learning about the cultivation and use of herbs.
  • We meet with and enjoy fellowship and friendships with diverse members of the community, all who are united by their interest in herbs.
  • We gain further knowledge from regional, special guest speakers at many of our monthly meetings.
  • We offer specific hands-on workshops throughout the year to increase our knowledge and take home a product,
  • We support our community by volunteering in the Memphis Botanic Garden, thereby also learning about best cultivation practices and cultivars. It is through volunteers that the Herb Garden at the MBG is able to thrive.
  • We sponsor the Herban Renewal Grant, inviting the non-profit community to submit their educational projects which will benefit the wider community.
  • We support other volunteer opportunities through local garden organizations and the Memphis Botanic Garden throughout the year.
  • We have a social hour before the monthly meeting where members bring herbal creations from their kitchens to be shared by all. Often recipes are circulated and further enjoyed.
  • We send out a monthly informative and educational newsletter. There is also a Facebook page.
  • We conclude our year with a special November Winter Solstices Celebration of fellowship and friendship and welcome you to bring a friend and a fun culinary dish.


Manjit Kaur is a proud resident of Germantown for the past 13 years. Manjit was a former Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Research Scientist at Harvard Medical School, and a former Owner and Director of the Eye Level Learning Center in Collierville and Germantown. Manjit teaches at Madonna Learning Center and has been serving …


The Herb of the Month for October 2021 is Medlar, Mespilus germanica. Medlar is a large shrub or small tree, a cultivar of the Rosacea family, which includes members such as apples, pear,s and rose hips.  It is indigenous to Persia, southwest Asia, southeastern Europe, and Turkey.   Medlar is slow …


The Herb of the Month for September 2021 is Horehound, Marrubium vulgare. Horehound is a flowering cultivar from the mint family and is a native of Europe, western Asia, and north Africa.  This hardy perennial plant has been introduced to North America and Australia concurrent with colonization and will even tolerate dry …