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Program Resources from Herbalism for COVID-19 Resilience
Thanks to all who joined us for our program Herbalism for COVID-19 Resistance with Leah Larabell from High Garden Tea on Thursday night. It was packed with...
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Garlic Honey Syrup – Immune Building, Antibacterial, and Antiviral
By Evelyn Mosley Building strong immunity and addressing early symptoms is key to preventing many respiratory illnesses.  Many herbs and other foods in our kitchens...
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June 2020 – Gardening Journal
Gardening Gone Herbs! Lavender Summer has finally arrived with the gift of a few interspersed cool days. Now is the time to watch over all...
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Herbs for Spring Renewal – Part 2
HERBAL SUPPORT FOR THE LIVER - BITTER HERBS: Bitter herbs stimulate the release of digestive secretions which promote the digestion of food and assimilation of...
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Herb of the Month – June: Pepper
The Herb of the Month for June is Pepper Piper nigrum. This wonderful herb which does so much to enliven our taste buds is a...
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