Gardening Gone Herbs! – January 2024

Gardening Gone Herbs! – January 2024

A year of transition…

2024 promises to be a year of transition in the Herb Garden.  Half of the beds are retaining their plants and half of the beds are being reworked into a new clean slate for planting.   We can each relate to the excitement of seeing budding spring growth in our own gardens, along with our masterplan for new cultivars which are to bring unique colors, forms, fragrances, and taste into our garden realm.

Yes, 2024 is a promising year in the Herb Garden and also a promising year for theMemphis Herb Society. Memberships are renewed, friends invited to participate in our community, new things to learn!

January has its own unique challenges with promised Artic vortexes coming through our moderate climate zone. Nestling our herbs in a leaf mulch and not clearing out the whole garden of debris will be helpful.  Using leaf litter or smaller mounds of debris in the garden along with standing stalks helps overwintering insects and birds. Standing dead seedheads are also a good source of food for our migrating birds. 

With the ‘bones’ of your garden exposed by winter, it is time to take out your masterplan and see what improvements are to be made. Journaling about your garden and reviewing the successes and failures will help in forthcoming seed and plant selections. Is there an area with standing water that would make an interesting rain garden? 

It may be January but even then, gardening is in our hearts. See you at our upcoming meeting!

Reni Erskine, Weeder in chief

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