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Tag: herb of the month

HERB OF THE MONTH – JULY 2022: Doublemint

The Herb of the Month for July is Doublemint, Mentha x gracillis ‘Madeline Hill’ Doublemint is a genetic cross between Mentha arvensis (peppermint) and Mentha spicata (spearmint).  It was thought to be genetically impossible, but was cultivated in the 1950s by Madeline Hill from Hilltop Herb Farm in Texas. This …

HERB OF THE MONTH – APRIL 2022: Pinks Dianthus spp.

The Herb of the Month for April is Pinks Dianthus spp. The name of this flower comes from the Greek words for “of Zeus’. The Dianthus genus contains a large family of about 340 species or cultivars, which includes carnations, clove pinks, cottage pinks, and Sweet Williams.  Nowadays there are …