Reni’s Rose Hip Vinegar

Reni’s Rose Hip Vinegar

Rose Hip Vinegar

Course: Drinks
Keyword: rose hips
Author: Urania Erskine


  • 1/4 cup rose hips freshly harvested and lightly scored
  • fresh organic lemon rind optional
  • white wine vinegar


  • Using a small and pretty 12 oz. swing top bottle, place fresh and scored rose hips into it.
  • If desired, add organic lemon rind without the pith for an additional flavor note.
  • Cut the rind into about 10 thin 2 inch ribbons and add them to your bottle.
  • Cover all of the ingredients with white wine vinegar.
  • Seal and place into a cool dark area for about 2 weeks. These 2 weeks will allow the flavors to be extracted from the fruit and rind and to meld together.
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