Thanks to all who joined us for our program Herbalism for COVID-19 Resistance with Leah Larabell from High Garden Tea on Thursday night. It was packed with a lot of great information and takeaways!  An important point that Leah made was with COVID being so contagious, there is no prevention. What we need to do is vigilantly focus on our health. One way to do this is to rely on herbal allies to strengthen and support our bodies.  Leah gave us details on ways to do this which you can find in the recording and handout links below.  


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Memphis Herb Society Disclaimer:  Please note that we do not advocate skipping medical care if you contract COVID! If you begin to have symptoms, you should seek medical treatment. However, since the pandemic began, herbalists have been studying and collaborating together on the best course of action to prepare for a COVID infection and its symptoms. The work of Leah, along with that of many other specialists in the field of plant medicine, offers a welcome adjunct to allopathic medical treatment. 

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