Minutes & Past Meeting Recap – June 27

Minutes & Past Meeting Recap – June 27

Happy Dazs Worm Farm Trailer

President Reni welcomed all to the June meeting of the Memphis Herb Society in the Goldsmith Room at the Memphis Botanic Garden.  She thanked those who brought delicious food, especially the guacamole! And then she thanked everyone for filling in tonight for traveling officers and asked for members to consider volunteering for Hospitality.  The Minutes of the May meeting were approved. The following new officers were elected: President Jennifer Stanek, Vice President Kathy James, Treasurer Tracy Nelms, Recording Secretary Anita Lotz and Membership Secretary Virginia Winn.  Reni thanked all officers and members for their help during her presidency. Names were drawn for Hospitality gifts. Thirty-three members and 11 guests attended.

The program on “Growing Soil with Vermiculture and Biochar” was presented by Bill Abresh, from Happy Dazs Worm Farm.  Bill raises worms, primarily red worms, for worm compost in 80 plastic, 300-pound shipping totes. He is able to grow four crops a year in the bins and has achieved remarkable results: 50 pounds of tomatoes from one plant on the compost pile, broccoli harvested in 35 days, etc.  The compost tea he developed works like an energy drink for plants.  He brought 60 jugs to distribute free to members. Bill tries to follow nature in his work and strives to give customers the cleanest products possible.  A trip to Vietnam led to his use of charcoal kilns to develop biochar as a means of increasing soil fertility in acid soils as well as a means of carbon sequestration.  He invited all to visit his farm at 7204 Highway 178 in Olive Branch.  Sunday afternoon tours are from 1-3. ~Kathy James, Recording Secretary

Happy Dazs Worm Farming Soil
Bill Abresh from Happy Dazs Worm Farm and
Sr. Maria van Werkhooven

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