Minutes & Past Meeting Recap – July 25

Minutes & Past Meeting Recap – July 25

President Jennifer Stanek opened the July 2019 meeting of the Memphis Herb Society to order at 7:00 at the Memphis Botanic Garden.  Members and guests were given a warm welcome and all those that brought refreshments were extended a special thanks.  Members and guests were reminded to renew their memberships for the upcoming year, which would run through December 31, 2020.  Also the Memphis Herb Society has a Facebook page and website with information about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

On motion made, seconded and approved, the February meeting minutes as presented in the July Newsletter were approved.

Volunteer Chair Susanne Shown gave a report on the replanting of the herb garden at the Memphis Botanic Garden.  Sherri McCalla’s team dug up the existing herb plants and now, with the help of Memphis Herb Society volunteers, is replanting the herb garden.  There have been two work sessions and a third is planned for the upcoming week.

Lorraine Ferguson opened the program portion of the meeting.  Lorraine began by thanking everyone that had submitted pictures from their herb gardens to share with the membership.  Those contributing photographs included Evelyn Mosley, Virginia Winn, John Peterson, Kathy James, Linda Ryal, Lorraine Ferguson, Tracy Nelms, Maria van Werkhooven, Reni Erskine, Sheila Leggett, and Suzanne Shown.  Lorraine closed the program with vintage pictures of the Memphis Botanic Garden herb garden.

Midway through the program, Sheila Leggett thanked everyone that brought a book to the planned book swap.  Everyone that brought a book was then given the opportunity to choose their replacement book or books.

Jennifer Stanek closed the program with special thanks and appreciation to Reni Erskine for everything that she did during her year as President of the Memphis Herb Society.

Following his presentation, the meeting was then adjourned.

The next meeting of the Memphis Herb Society will take place on August 22, 2019.

Submitted by Recording Secretary, Anita I. Lotz

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