MINUTES from January 23, 2020

MINUTES from January 23, 2020

President Jennifer Stanek opened the first meeting of the year at 6:59 p.m. in the Goldsmith Room of the Memphis Botanic Garden.  She announced that members Ginger and Rick Winn will speak at the February 27 meeting on “Tonic Herbalism.”  John Peterson reported that applications for the Herban Renewal Grant will be accepted until March 2; details and the application form are available on the MHS Website.

Jennifer then introduced Jason Reeves, the research horticulturist and curator of the University of Tennessee Garden in Jackson, TN, and a national and international garden tour leader.  He had provided members with a 16-page handout for his talk, “A Year in the Garden,” and the presentation was a picture tour with commentary covering many beautiful plants and gardens in different seasons and sometimes different years.  The handout is available on the Website under the Herbal Thymes Blog.  Jason’s knowledge of plants is extensive, and he offered many suggestions for garden health and beauty throughout the year.  (One can follow Jason on Facebook at “Jason Reeves—in the garden.”)

Attendance was 91, including 55 members (20 of whom are new), and 30 guests!

~~Reported by Kathy James for traveling Anita Lotz

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