MINUTES from February 26, 2020

MINUTES from February 26, 2020

President Jennifer Stanek brought the February 2020 meeting of the Memphis Herb Society to order at 7:00 in the Goldsmith Room at the Memphis Botanic Garden.  Members and guests were given a warm welcome.  Jennifer reminded the membership that since February was President’s month, we would honor the past presidents of the Memphis Herb Society.  All of the past presidents of the Memphis Herb Society were asked to stand and come forward to be acknowledged and thanked for their work.

From left to right: (Past Presidents) Debbie Robinson, Grace Copeland, Reni Erskine, Sherri McCalla, Lorraine Ferguson, Evelyn Mosley, & (Current President) Jennifer Stanek

Everyone who brought refreshments received special thanks.  A drawing was held for door prizes.

Jennifer Stanek reminded all in attendance that our March meeting would be “Growing Your Own Apothecary” and encourage all to plan to attend.

On motion made, seconded and approved, the January meeting minutes as presented in the February Newsletter were approved.

Sherri McCalla gave the Herb Garden report.  The rain has made the garden weeds very happy and they are growing fast.  The Herb Garden is still in need of volunteers to help weed and prune.  A work study will take place on Saturday, March 14th.

John Peterson provided a report on the work of the committee reviewing applications for the Herban Renewal grant program.  12 applications were submitted so far.  The application deadline is March 2, 2020. 

Suzanne Shown reminded those in attendance of upcoming volunteer opportunities including the upcoming April Plant Sale at the Memphis Botanic Garden, the Cooper Young Garden walk and the Through the Garden event.

Jennifer then introduced our speakers, Rick and Ginger Winn, the owners of the Wild Child Herb Shop.

After the presentation, the meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting of the Memphis Herb Society will take place on March 26, 2020.

~~Reported by Anita Lotz

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