Membership Dues for 2021

Membership Dues for 2021

Hello Herb Afficiondos!

The warm weather garden may be gradually falling into a fall and winter slumber, but not us!  There’s plenty to do in our gardens:  planting for the fall and cleaning up the debris from dying plants.  I have planted ornamental cabbages and beautiful swiss chard, and trimmed the fennel and the parsley seed stems.   Many of you are busily drying or freezing herbs for later use. I love my evergreen rosemary!

Don’t forget one other seasonal activity:  Renewing your membership for the coming year.

At the present, the Memphis Herb Society continues to flourish virtually, but with most of the usual expenses, including speaker fees and grants, and in the new year, at some point, there will again be travel costs.  Jennifer has led the Board in setting up a fantastic schedule of programs for 2021!  Membership dues enable us to provide these informational and enjoyable programs for our members and the larger community.

Dues are for the fiscal year, January 1 through December 31, 2021.  They are $25 for an individual and $30 for a family in one household.  Dues are payable by January 1. Members whose dues have not been paid by April 1 will be dropped from the membership rolls.

Download and print the MEMBERSHIP FORMA check for dues may be mailed with the membership form to:

                                Tracy Nelms
                                1126 Oak Ridge Drive
                                Memphis TN 38111

Write that check today!  Look forward, with me, to that day when we will all be together again at the Memphis Botanic Garden, sampling the herbal cuisine of friends, tallying up our garden joys and woes, and meeting and learning from our visiting speakers.

A happy fall to all!  

Kathy James, Vice-President




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