May 2020 – Gardening Journal

May 2020 – Gardening Journal

Gardening Gone Herbs

What a lovely spring it has been, perfect for tackling some major chores and seeing them come to completion. I have even had the joy of volunteering at the Memphis Botanic Garden in the herb garden, weeding and helping to prepare this lovely spot for upcoming visitors, since the MBG is now open to members. Getting outside is great!

Juwel Cold Frame Biostar 1500 Mini-Greenhouse

My latest project has been assembling a purchased mini-greenhouse which I plan to use for winter greens and salads. Another project is seed saving. The second batch of bok choy has been collected, and now I am waiting for the kale seeds to ripen and dry in their pods. Both of these greens are nutritional powerhouses and will be welcomed.

The Plant Sale at the MBG is still in progress, and I have added a perennial sorrel that will be a wonderful addition to my winter salads, Red Dock, Rumex sanguineus. Another Phenomenal lavender was also on the list as was the Berries & Cream mint. Sure is fun to see what ‘lovelies’ the nursery is offering right now. Each empty spot requires an addition. Confession time! I could not resist a miniature fig tree that is now potted on the patio.

As you see, the tasks for May include planting and harvesting, along with seeding:

Two kinds of Sorrel
  • In my little plot of ground, this includes a collection of tomatoes, peppers, and other veggies. Reseed your dill to keep a harvest going until the heat hits. The leeks have also been harvested and used in soup or dried for upcoming flavorful culinary dishes.
  • Lemon balm should continuously be cut back and used or preserved to keep it from flowering and taking over the world.
  • Continue adding to and turning your compost heap. If there is no rain, water in the morning so the foliage can dry before nightfall.
  • Lavender flower heads are about to open and should be cut and dried, hanging upside down. The flowers will make a delicious lavender sugar or sachets. I have been putting large flat stones around my lavender to create a heat sink and help prevent leaf rot.
  • Check for slug and insect damage and take action.

Wishing you a productive May with a promising harvest!

~~ Reni Erskine

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