Herban Renewal Grant Awards

Herban Renewal Grant Awards

NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT: We were thrilled to receive 13 applicants this year, all worthy causes. It warmed our hearts to learn of so many non-profit organizations doing good in our community and, believe me, the final decision was difficult. We wish all of our applicants the best.  ~~Jennifer Stanek

ANNOUNCEMENT FROM JOHN PETERSON: The Herban Renewal committee (Reni Erskine, Sr. Maria van Werkhooven, Jennifer Stanek ex officio, and John Peterson, chair) have made a decision to divide the Herban Renewal grant among three applicants. Arkwings Foundation in Frayser, will build an herb spiral for herbs to be used year-round as part of their Healing Power of Arts in the Community program. The Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit will be adding three raised beds for herbs to augment their vegetable garden, which last year provided over 1,600 pounds of produce to Loaves and Fishes families as well as three different soup kitchens.  Alpha Omega Veterans Services Urban Farm will be creating a raised bed for herbs to be used in their Community Kitchen. 

Energetic marketing by a vibrant committee produced thirteen applications this year, much more than in any recent year, and making a decision involved lively discussion. It is gratifying to see so much interest in herbs in our community. It is also gratifying to be part of the Memphis Herb Society, which continues to support outreach to the community through gardening and educational projects. ~~John Peterson

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