Herbal Work Study Report – Jan. 11

Herbal Work Study Report – Jan. 11

January 11, 2020

Even stormy weather didn’t stop this dedicated group of volunteers!  Approximately 20 people braved the weather to learn about cleaning seeds – by cleaning seeds. Participants included U of M students, herb society members, and others in the community who just wanted to learn while doing. MBG herb garden curator Sherri McCalla instructed participants about separating the seed from the chaff and debris by using screens, sorting, and winnowing techniques.  Our seed heads were Mexican sunflower, echinacea, and holy basil. No question, the holy basil seeds are the most difficult to separate.  They are tiny!

The seeds are being prepared for give-a-way/swapping at the annual Seed Swap coming up on January 25th at the Lichterman Nature Center, as part of their Birds and Seeds event.

Seed preppers were rewarded for dedicated work with a choice of a wide variety of herbal teas, or hot chicory coffee. Sherri also treated participants with samples of borsht, fire cider, and garlic, ginger, and onion syrup – all herbal food supplements good for this chilly and stormy weather.  ~~ Suzanne Shown

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