New Herb Garden Update – July:  Full Steam Ahead!

New Herb Garden Update – July: Full Steam Ahead!

Soil sterilizer emits steam that disinfects and sterilizes the soil.
Photo by Suzanne Shown

If you haven’t been to the herb garden in a while, you’re in for a shock!  The garden is in total re-do mode! Curator Sherri McCalla reports the garden was no longer serving its purpose of allowing people to touch, smell, and identify the herbs. Maintenance, including weeding, was difficult. After lengthy and on-going discussions with area herbies and the horticulture staff, a plan was developed and implemented.  All the plants have been removed and the soil tilled and amended with materials for optimal nutrients and water retention. The large red steamer you see is for disinfecting and sterilizing the soil. All the dormant seeds are killed, making for much less weeding!  

Rain and excessive heat have slowed progress. Sherri states that as soon as the bed is ready to plant, “we will progress at (hopefully) breakneck speed,” so be watching for last-minute Facebook and emails to get “the lovely herbs” back in the ground! See the slide show below for more photos! ~ Suzanne Shown, Volunteer Coordinator

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