Gardening Gone Herbs – September 2019

Gardening Gone Herbs – September 2019

Our gardening challenges have not diminished as yet, even though we are in September and looking for cooler nights and a bit of rain. Trees are beginning to drop their leaves because of the heat and drought stress. Still, there is time for some foraging and gardening endeavors.

This month I finished making elderberry syrup as an immune strengthening remedy preparing for our winter months and cold season. This is also a time to start looking for Staghorn sumac.  The berries make a delicious lemonade that many refer to as Indian lemonade. These berries are beginning to ripen and turn into a deep red color.

Another herb that has been blooming is goldenrod. Working in a bee yard, I was able to bring some home to dry for tea, increasing my home remedies.

In the garden, the basil is still going strong and can still be made into pesto, frozen in ice cube trays, and stored in the freezer for delicious winter soups! Onion and garlic sets are available at the farm supply stores for fall planting. If you love the allium family, then include some of those white garlic chive blooms that are now appearing in your salads. I think that you will enjoy their delicate taste.

The summer is winding down, so get your cool-season herb seeds ready for planting!

They include some favorites: dill, chervil, a sprinkling of parsley, and coriander. Some of my garden beds will also include a cover crop of red clover!  See you in the garden. ~~ Reni Erskine

Staghorn Sumac

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