Gardening Gone Herbs – Mexico City

Gardening Gone Herbs – Mexico City

November 2019

A highlight of my month was a family girls trip to unusual parts, Mexico City, and as always when I travel, I was on the lookout for gardens and things edible. This trip was no different. We started in Frida Kahlo’s Blue House and tropical courtyard garden, truly a cool oasis in the city. From there it was time to explore local outdoor markets and even street food. Finding local spices and bringing them home is always a highly appreciated adventure for me. This trip was no different in that I stumbled across vanilla beans and dried hibiscus flowers! We went on to eat fried spicy grasshoppers and prickly pear cactus. Not bad at all! Stopping on the freeway, yes, the freeway, we were enticed by a stand with fresh green coconuts that were served with hot chili peppers and a generous squeeze of lime. Wow, what a great taste combination and use of chili peppers.  ~~ Reni Erskine

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