Gardening Gone Herbs – January To-Do List

Gardening Gone Herbs – January To-Do List

January has arrived, and all of the excitement of the holidays has passed. It is now time to enjoy planning our 2020 gardens. Yes, it is enjoyable as we also dash outside between the rain and gusty winds to do some cleanup and repairs. Surely everyone’s catalogs have arrived and are stacked, ready to read along with a serving of hot chocolate. 

Goumi berries

There are a few holes in my landscape that could be filled with something of use and beauty. The compact Goumi Berry tree that comes from Russia or China is on my list of desirables because it has fruited under less than ideal conditions and the berries are very healthy.  Check out this link if you would like to purchase one: https://onegreenworld.com/product/sweet-scarlet-2/

Right now, my major task is to see what 2019 plantings survived the year and which ones need to be replaced. Pruning and clearing out of debris is in order in the general landscape and especially in the vegetable garden. Regrettably, there have been some losses. The temperature swings make it difficult for plants to stay dormant without a bit of mulch. So, I am also busy grinding up leaves which we have collected to mulch and enrich the soil and protect the more tender plants.  A special birthday present, a cold frame is waiting in the garage and will be put together to lengthen the growing season. It will be fun to experiment with lettuces and see if those seedlings will thrive.

The second part of gardening gone herbs was pure serendipity and looks back to 2019! Just before the frost, I found the Saffron Crocuses blooming in the Blueberry beds. It was a sparse harvest, and I will be fortunate to get one tasty rice pilaf from this treasure. 

It is in our own garden where we do find our treasures.  See you in the garden! ~~ Reni Erskine

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