February 2020 – Gardening Journal

February 2020 – Gardening Journal

Lovely daffodils are coming up in the garden regardless of the wild swing in temperatures and the amount of sunshine! Those lovely blooms are harbingers of spring and a good reminder for me to replace the cleaned and sanitized bluebird houses.  Actually, the bluebirds have already come by to check out their established nesting places and it seems I am running behind.

Seed packets have arrived from my favorite purveyors and the instructions should be read to see which ones require light and which ones should be covered with a thin layer of soil. The smaller the seed, the less soil is required. The trick is to have prepared labels when I am planting each batch to help with the weeding chore and assist one’s memory.

Hopefully, we have had the last February freeze and the protective mulch can be pulled back from some of the perennials so that they can thrive. If the chives are doing well, I will probably divide them. Love the subtle taste of chives as a garnish and last addition to homemade bone broth soup.

There will be time throughout the month to continue cleaning up each garden bed, sprinkling crushed eggshells and adding a healthy portion of compost, some won from a productive worm bed. A good friend has also provided me with bio-char which will be a good carbon addition for the soil.

Yes, this is an exciting time of the year as we consider all of the gardening possibilities! Our gardening season is about to get into full swing! Can hardly wait for the Memphis Botanic Garden’s Plant Sale in April.  For now, let’s meet at the MBG Work Study and help to prepare the herb garden for another fabulous season!  ~~ Reni Erskine

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