Gardening Gone Herbs – July 2019

Gardening Gone Herbs – July 2019

An ounce of Prevention!

Another wonderful year in the garden digging with our Hori knives and weeding with our Japanese weeding sickles!  This brings to mind the importance of checking on the date of your latest tetanus shot. This shot needs to be renewed every ten years or sooner in case you have stepped on a rusty nail. These shots are available at Little Clinics and at the Shot Nurse. If you are on Medicare, then they are free.

Nejiri Kama – Japanese Weeding Sickle

Nejiri Kama – the Japanese Weeding Sickle

Weeding can be a satisfying use of time but I would rather plant and enjoy the garden, in which case I would recommend that you try this remarkably sharp and useful tool. We know that the Japanese take their gardens and gardening seriously and this is just the tool for that!

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~Reni Erskine

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