Tonic Herbalism with Ginger & Rick Winn

Ginger and Rick will discuss ways that herbs can be used on a daily basis for overall wellness. They will discuss bitters, culinary herbs and spices, herbal honeys and teas, and other herbal preparations. They will have samples of their culinary herbal creations for everyone to try, and product for purchase for those interested.

Ginger currently serves as the MHS Membership Secretary. She is a Certified Master Herbalist graduating from the Centre of Excellence in Manchester, England. She is also a Certified Tax Specialist, Special Needs Educator, and a business owner. Virginia’s husband, Rick, is also a part of MHS setting up the audiovisual equipment for our programs.

Ginger is the owner of ‘Wild Child Herb Shop of Tennessee’ where she offers a variety of herbal delights including cordials, elixirs, extracts, drops, gummies, honeys, jams, lozenges, oils, pestos, relishes, seasoning blends, syrups, teas, and vinegars. All products are grown on-site in the Wild Child Herb Garden. For more info, visit www.wildchildherbshoptn.com.

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