Throw Down Thursday

Throw Down Thursday

Throw Down Thursday

Memphis Botanic Garden
Twilight Thursday

Calling all volunteers:

    • Weeding/Prepping for Fall: 6 -8 people
    • Greeters: 2 -4 people
    • Knowledgeable Herbies:  2 – 4 people

This is a dog-gone great opportunity, folks!  This is your chance to be outdoors in a beautiful setting, have fellow herbies to talk to, hear music in the background, have food trucks nearby, and pass on your wisdom to visitors with their best four-footed friends who come strolling through.

For this Throw-Down event, let’s throw-out some herbie information as well as throw down weeds!  If you’re not into pulling weeds, maybe you could tell about your favorite herb, give out a recipe, or just welcome visitors to the herb garden. This is your chance to educate, which is a big part of our mission. The Herb Garden and the MBG is the optimal outdoor space to introduce people to herbs. We’ll also have a recipe for making herbal dog biscuits available.  Herbal waters and light snacks provided.

***  You can volunteer for any length of time, 30 minutes to 3 hours.
Don’t forget your gloves and mask!

To register, please email me at .

Suzanne Shown
Volunteer Coordinator

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