The Art of Herbal Soap Making with Becky Beloin

Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Becky Beloin, owner and soap artist for Boshi Botanicals, will talk about the history of using herbs in soap making, as well as the benefits and uses for herbs in modern soap recipes. Becky began her soap making journey in 2021 after going through treatment for breast cancer. She turned to the art as a means of therapy and way to help control what she and her family were exposed to in their cleaning and body products. Not wanting to use fragrance oils or artificial coloring, she began exploring ways to use herbs to create beautifully scented and artfully crafted soaps that tap into the benefits many herbs offer for skin and hair. After spending a year studying, testing and sharing products with family and friends, Becky officially launched Boshi Botanicals to the public. In the next year, she will be expanding her own organic garden to source as many of her herbal ingredients from home as possible. When she’s not crafting soap, Becky spends her time traveling and gardening with her husband and two young children.


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