SIMPLE SYRUPS! with Reni Erskine & FIRE CIDER! with Evelyn Mosley

SIMPLE SYRUPS! with Reni Erskine & FIRE CIDER! with Evelyn Mosley

SIMPLE SYRUPS! with Reni Erskine & FIRE CIDER! with Evelyn Mosley

MHS members, Reni and Evelyn, will collaborate on this program sharing their herbal expertise.

Simple Syrups! Easy Syrups! And More! 

This year has been the time to have some fun experimenting with herbs from the garden and foraged plant material. So come and let us explore some of the syrups we can make and learn which ones might be more desirable after considering the effort involved.  There are many possibilities, such as lemon verbena, mints, lemon balm, elder flower, and elderberry.

My formative years were spent in an idyllic village in the foothills of the Austrian Alps.  It was a farming community which naturally followed the seasons using permaculture principles.  The cow which gave milk was also used to plow the field, and pull the hay wagon.

Crops came in seasonally and included what could be foraged in the forest and fields.  The spring began with evergreen needle honey, went on to a variety of wild mushrooms, wild strawberries, and blueberries.  This encompassing rhythm of work and harvest continues to make sense to me and has given me great satisfaction as I work in my own small garden.  Now, in a suburban setting, I enjoy a few beehives, some chickens, and a vegetable garden. It is a small re-creation of a time long gone, but it does bring me joy!

Part of the joy has been my membership and presidency in the Germantown Community Garden, and the Memphis Herb Society, where I have met so many wonderful people and learned so many new skills. My membership and service on the board of the Memphis Beekeeping Association has also added to my knowledge base and friendships.

Let’s Get Fired Up about Fire Cider!

Good health and immunity are in the news and on our minds these days.  Very good news is that simple ways to strengthen your immune systems are practically at our fingertips!  One way is to take the traditional immunity booster known as Fire Cider.  Fire Cider is quick to make from easy to find ingredients. It can be taken daily as a tonic to keep healthy or at the moment a cold or flu might be trying to take hold!  Come find out how easy it is to make Fire Cider and how to use it to boost your health!

I fell in love with herbs the day my mom brought a fresh “soup bunch” of herbs home from the grocery way back in the 1960’s.  This bouquet of marjoram, oregano, rosemary, sage, and thyme, tied together with cotton string was quite different as parsley was generally the only fresh herb at the grocery in those days and it was meant to be a garnish. That day, the bouquet of herbs turned Mom’s always delicious pot of homemade soup into something out-of-this-world wonderful!

Much later, sparked by the memory of that soup bunch of herbs and amazing soup, I began growing culinary herbs and using these fresh herbs in every dish imaginable.  My herb garden grew along with a growing awareness that herbs offer many health benefits.  Growing a collection of medicinal herbs, foraging for them, and learning how to use these plants for health and healing became a passion.  Now, my vegetable garden is also a major love and adds to my  thrill in growing goodness for our bodies.

I became a member of the Memphis Herb Society in 1993 and have learned so much from the programs and the camaraderie and friendship of fellow “herbies.”  Attending Herb Society meetings has always been a greatly anticipated highlight of each month.  I am a past president of MHS, a retired school principal, and today am most likely to be found in the garden or doing something with herbs.

We look forward to sharing this time with you and also hearing about your own experiences.

Please note we will be meeting in the Sara’s Place.

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