Preparing Herbal Tea for Desired Benefits – Informal Research with Lemon Balm Tea

Preparing Herbal Tea for Desired Benefits – Informal Research with Lemon Balm Tea

Preparing Herbal Tea for Desired Benefits – Informal Research with Lemon Balm Tea

  • Do herbal teas render medicinal benefits as well as great tastes?
  • What are the medicinal benefits of lemon balm?
  • Which herbal tea infusion methods yield desired medicinal benefits?

The medicinal benefits of herbs can be extracted from the plant in many ways. This presentation focuses on water extraction of the qualities of the herb. Water extractions are also known as herbal teas and herbal infusions. We will conduct informal research using the herb lemon balm, making water extractions in multiple ways to discover the differences in each resulting tea. Program leaders Jennifer Stanek and Evelyn Mosley will demonstrate several different methods for making lemon balm tea. They will steep the teas using fresh and dried lemon balm in varying amounts, using cold and hot water with short and long steeping times, and using lemon balm with other herbs.

Attendees will taste each tea. The results will be noted along with the medicinal qualities known to be extracted by each method. By experiencing the differences in several different herbal infusions, you will leave this presentation with a greater knowledge of how to make herbal teas that provide the nourishing and healing qualities you desire.

Jennifer Stanek’s journey with herbs began over 20 years ago when she visited a local herb farm. Although unfamiliar with many of the herbs, she would never forget how they engaged her senses and captivated her imagination. She chose a small mullein plant to bring home and had quite a learning experience the next season when baby mulleins started popping up all over her yard.

Jennifer’s love of drinking herbal teas inspired her to begin working with herbs herself. She began obsessively tasting herbal tea blends on the market and then researching the ingredients on the side of the box to learn about the flavor profile details and medicinal benefits. Eventually, she began crafting her own herbal tea blends for pleasure and started a local herbal tea and seasoning company where she specialized in creating complex and synergistic blends that were flavorful and medicinal. Jennifer studies herbs through many resources and incorporates them into her life with different methods such as tinctures and herbal oils. She believes the best way to introduce an herb personally is to prepare a cup of tea and sip it slowly to pick up on all its nuances to know if its right for you and, even better, to share the experience with a friend.

Jennifer is a past president for the Memphis Herb Society and has been an active member for the past several years. She loves being a part of an active herbal community and learning from others.

Evelyn Mosley fell in love with herbs over 50 years ago when a store-bought bunch of fresh herbs transformed her mother’s usual homemade soup from simple comfort food to an amazing flavor experience.

Much later Evelyn began growing culinary herbs and using these fresh herbs in every dish imaginable.  Her herb garden grew along with a growing awareness that herbs offer many health benefits. Growing a collection of medicinal herbs, foraging for them, and learning how to use them for health and healing became a passion. Evelyn loves using herbs for healing in a wide array of applications, from poultices, herbal oils, and salves to tinctures and teas and more. Now her vegetable garden is also a great love and adds to her thrill in growing goodness and health for our bodies.

Evelyn became a member of the Memphis Herb Society in 1993 and has learned so much from the programs and the camaraderie and friendship of fellow “herbies.”  Attending Herb Society meetings has always been a greatly anticipated highlight of each month.  She is a past president of MHS, a retired school principal, and today is most likely to be found in the garden or doing something with herbs.

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