Virtual Herb Garden Tour & Tea Party

Virtual Herb Garden Tour & Tea Party

Virtual Herb Garden Tour & Tea Party

The Memphis Botanic herb garden renovated last July is now in full bloom! Join us for a virtual herb garden tour given by herb garden curator, Sherri McCalla. Knowledgeable herb growers will be available to answer your questions. Prepare yourself a cup of herbal tea, have a notebook and pen nearby to take notes of herbs you want to add to your garden, and join us for an exciting evening!

Sherri’s Bio: 

My name is Sherri McCalla.  I have been a horticulture assistant for the Memphis Botanic Garden since July 2005 and a Mississippi Master Gardener since 2001. I am a current member and a past president of the Memphis Herb Society. My very first memory is my mother showing me how a Touch-Me-Not throws its seeds.  I am totally incompetent when it comes to clothes washing: as a youth, when given the choice of yard work versus house work, I always chose yard work! Give me a “joe” blade over an iron any time.  The Herb and Iris Gardens are my responsibilities at the Botanic Garden. I believe life is to be lived and is too short to worry about a little dirt. After all, with a little bit of organic matter, it becomes compost!

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