Herbalism for COVID-19 Resilience with Leah Larabell, Herbalist

Herbalism for COVID-19 Resilience with Leah Larabell, Herbalist

Herbalism for COVID-19 Resilience with Leah Larabell, Herbalist

In this time of much uncertainty, one thing has not changed. Herbs are here to support us. Though much is unknown about this disease, herbal care can focus not only on helping the body fight disease but also maintaining health and regaining wellness is compromised. In this presentation, I will offer insight into the herbs I consider to be most beneficial in each of the five stages of the illness: Prevention, Infection, Pivotal Point, Inflammation, and Recovery. I have put in an obsessive amount of hours toward research and study regarding this disease. It is all very much worth it because having a powerful herbal protocol has given me and my family much comfort. I would be honored to share with you some of my favorite pieces of information and herbs of choice in regard to each of the 5 stages of this illness.
Leah’s Bio: 

Above all, I am a nature-loving wife, mother, and daughter who finds a great deal of purpose and satisfaction in sharing my love for the land. As a clinical level herbalist, I have dedicated over a decade of my life to rigorously studying and diligently practicing the art of herbalism and have been taught by renowned herbal elders as well as Mother Nature herself. Some of my teachers have included Lisa “Pipsissawa” Bedner, Darryl Patton “The Southern Herbalist”, and David Winston of Herbalist & Alchemist. I feel very fortunate that each has shared with me a piece of their own distinct knowledge and viewpoints on herbalism expanding my vision to see multiple layers in the field of plant wisdom keeping. I consider myself a Western Eclectic herbalist who has a special fondness for Appalachian Folk herbalism as well as Alchemical herbalism. A great deal of study and practice has taught me how to take into consideration phytochemical responses in the body in relation to the whole state of the person’s being. I’ve also found that every person and plant relationship is unique and similar to “chemistry” that humans recognize with other humans. Many experiences over the years have humbled me to removing ego from my practice. It is not me who offers healing. I am simply a matchmaker between people and plants, hoping to facilitate the best connection.

It is the plants doing all of the work. Each one bringing some type of special knowledge or ability ready to help if you just know who to ask. They support your body in a manner that enables your body to better support itself and guide it back to a state of health in the needed area, making you stronger in the end. I never USE plants; instead, I call upon them, ask for their help, look toward them for insight, or simply sit by them for companionship.

I am a forever student of the land and eternally grateful for the lessons.

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