Fall Weedy Wonders with Emily Bibb

Emily Bibb is an herbalist and owner of A New Life Herbs. For our program, she will dive into the fall wild medicinal and edible plants. We will learn their values, how to harvest, and how to prepare them.

An Inspiring Story 

Emily started working in healthcare as a Physical Therapist Assistant in 2001. In 2007, as she watched her 2 year old struggle with asthma and chronic bronchitis that traditional medicine was not able to fix, she prayed for wisdom and looked to herbs. She started using a Respiratory & Cough formula and another herbal formula to boost her daughter’s immune system. Within 3 days, her mucous went from green to clear, and within one week she was completely well. It has now been over 13 years since she has had an outbreak. When Emily saw how well herbs worked to help her daughter, she was sold! As soon as she would see the first symptoms, she would use herbs to boost her immune system, and then she was able to fight it off herself. Seeing the effectiveness of herbs first hand started what she believes will be a life long journey of the study of herbs. She immediately dove headfirst into studying. She started with the library, where she would check out every book she could on herbs, and started practicing using them in various ways. She began studying under Darryl Patton, the southern herbalist, to learn how to identify our local plants and their benefits as well as how to harvest and use them. She has now been practicing using herbs, both medicinal and edible, for over 13 years and is continuing to learn and grow in this field.

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