ArtPhFarm Healing Herbs and Bitters with Anne Froning & Sean Murphy

ArtPhFarm Healing Herbs and Bitters with Anne Froning & Sean Murphy

ArtPhFarm Healing Herbs and Bitters with Anne Froning & Sean Murphy

“Many talented artists call Memphis home.  Sculptors, painters, musicians, designers, photographers—the list is long. It’s said that artists suffer for their art, but some live and breathe art almost as if they were driven by some forceful predilection… Enter Anne J. Froning and Sean Murphy.”

“Bitters from the Backyard”, Brad Pitts, Edible Memphis

Anne and Sean bring an artist’s perspective to everything in their lives including their “ArtPhFarm”, tinctures, and bitters. They will discuss the American Elder and other healing plants grown at the ArtPhFarm and the collaborative creation of tinctures, syrups, succus, and bitters. We will have the opportunity to sample and taste many of these products!

Anne, a Kentucky native, has called Memphis home for over 30 years. Trained as an artist and registered landscape architect, she describes herself as “a multidisciplinary artist with design and creative problem-solving as the root.” She believes that her training has translated well into being a visual artist, dancer, yogi, and herbal enthusiast!

Sean was born in Scooba, MS and raised in Memphis. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music History with an emphasis on Ethnomusicology. Sean currently splits his time between leading the Mighty Souls Brass Band, performing and recording as a solo artist, presenting healing arts experiences with yoga and live music in collaboration with Anne, building functional art in the form of musical instruments, and dabbling in the creation of culinary and cocktail bitters!

Anne and Sean co-own Being:Art LLC, a fusion arts company specializing in music, dance, visual art, instrument making, and site-specific design.  The company builds musical instruments for outdoor classrooms; and conducts workshops, residencies, and performances throughout the United States.  Their largest public installation can be found in the courtyard of Overton Square in Memphis – OS Tower Chimes is one of the ten largest sets of wind chimes in the world.

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