August 2020 – Gardening Gone Herbs

August 2020 – Gardening Gone Herbs

Gardening Gone Herbs!

August is here, a time to endure the heat, watching over the garden, watering, watering, and watering when needed! As different plants are being heat stressed in the garden, there is one herb that I purchased at the MBG plant sale that is thriving in this heat, a Bolivian cilantro cousin!! What a wonderful discovery, Papalo coloratum!

This cilantro type, which grows wild in Mexico and is widely used there and has an extraordinary flavor. It is wonderful in salads, salsas, and casseroles. The next challenge will be how best to preserve this herb for the winter months. If the stars align, there will be a harvest of seeds to share!

Bolivian cilantro 6′ tall and still going strong in our mid-south heat!

The past months have had some more bright spots as we enjoyed the Zoom presentations by herbalists from all over the country.  I was so glad to connect with gifted herbalists when our travels are so restricted. Tina Marie Wilcox’s charming and enthusiastic July 23rd Zoom conference offered a fun overview of the herb garden of the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas. Just as with every presentation I have learned something new and this time I also admired the lovely handcrafted Hori knife that was hand-forged at the Ozark Folk Center. So happy to have received this useful tool for my birthday.

Hori Knife

My last adventure is something that I look forward to each year, foraging and processing of Elderberries. Having bottles of this elixir stored in the pantry as I prepare for the upcoming winter months and flu season is very satisfying. 

Elderberry & Blueberry Syrup

So, how is your garden growing?

~~ Reni Erskine

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