ArtPhFarm’s Healing Herbs & Bitters Resource List

ArtPhFarm’s Healing Herbs & Bitters Resource List

The fun part about herbal learning is that everyone has such a unique experience working with herbs. Anne Froning and Sean Murphy demonstrated this in our August program, showing some advanced methods and tools, new to many of us. They especially showed us how much fun it can be. (Cocktail bitters, anyone?)  

Anne and Sean have generously shared with us their three-page resource document, including a link to the The First International Symposium of Elderberry that Anne mentioned. This is highly recommended if you want to dive deep into the topic. Click here to download the resource document. 

Please visit and support their new ArtPhFarm Etsy Store which features products they offered at our meeting. 

Herbally yours,
Jennifer Stanek
Memphis Herb Society President

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