April 2020 – Gardening Journal

April 2020 – Gardening Journal

Gardening Gone Herbs

Our April weather is perfect for the busiest planting and gardening month of the year. Considering the challenges facing us personally and those faced by our nation, the garden and its needed challenges are a welcome refuge and place of healing. During these times some intentional and thoughtful gardening is in order, and I am looking forward to the results! I have never had so much time to invest in this well-loved pursuit.

This month I have finished installing some new galvanized steel raised beds that will have a longer life. They have the added bonus of rich soil from William Abresch, a guest speaker and worm farmer, who presented one of our Herb Society programs. The hardware cloth bottom should keep out the vole population and, I hope, will increase my harvest. Various springtime volunteers such as plantain and parsley on the garden walkways are welcome and will be interspersed with flowers to pull in needed pollinators. My garden will always be a combination of herbs and food producing plants, trees, and shrubs, a combination which makes me happy!

New galvanized steel beds installed

Since going to the store is an ongoing challenge, I would like to again go into the garden in the morning and decide what the menu for the day will be. Sun warmed tomatoes with sprigs of basil and balsamic vinegar come to mind. That is fun!! 

So what might our chores be this month? Cut chive blossoms for vinegars and harvest leeks, some of which I am drying for soups. Sowing seeds and layering some herbs, such as rosemary or lavender, will be rewarding. Keep a good watch on all new plantings to make sure that they are getting enough water. Apply compost or liquid fertilizers once your herbs have reached about 3-4” in height. And plant, plant, plant!!

~~ Reni Erskine

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