Month: <span>September 2019</span>

Month: September 2019

Herb of the Month – September: Chicory

Chicory, Cichorium intybus, is a member of the Aster family and has quite a few common names. A more familiar name may be Belgian endive, French endive, or Italian dandelion. This perennial with its deep taproot puts forth blue flowers. Anciently, it was used as a medicinal or vegetable crop. Introduced to North …

Throw Down Thursday Report

SEPTEMBER 5, 2019: Dedicated volunteers pulled up weeds, swapped recipes, and enjoyed refreshments in our amazing, reborn herb garden.  Sherri McCalla, MBG herb garden curator, made it an on-going and interesting educational and culinary experience. Have you ever added tarragon leaves, or basil to your pimento cheese sandwich?  Now we …